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  • Protective Shroud for 090.987
    £3.67 inc. VAT

    Product description

    Spare Part for Tyre Pressure Gauge 090.987. Protects the gauge from damage.

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  • Tyre Deflation Valve 6-8-10-12-14-16 p.s.i
    £65.02 inc. VAT

    Product description

    For vehicles that are used both on and off the road. This device enables you to quickly reduce the pressure for off road use giving improved traction. The valve is a multi-setting device allowing you to select a suitable pressure 6 - 8 -...

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  • Tyre Pressure Gauge (090.987)
    £24.59 inc. VAT

    Product description

    Highest quality with all brass internals. The swivel head makes it easy to locate on the valve, and a button to reduce the pressure in the tyre (useful on car rallies or the drag strip!). Reads 5 to 100 p.s.i. (0.5 to 6 bar). Supplied...

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  • Tyre Service Kit (contains Tyre Pressure Gauge)
    £15.00 inc. VAT

    Product description

    Nice period tin (120mm x 75mm x 35mm) containing tyre pressure gauge reading to 100 p.s.i. (7 bar), tyre depth gauge, tyre valve service tool and four chrome valve caps. A suitable gift for a car owner

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Tyre Pressure Gauges