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Merino Lambskin Flying Helmet (4 results)

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  • Beaufighter Leather Flying Helmet (Brown)
    £85.00 ex. VAT

    Product description

    The seriously warm Beaufighter Long Neck Sheepskin Helmet has a small peak, long neck and goggle strap. All the seams and edges are leather taped. Chin strap with adjustable buckle for fit and a snap stud for convenience once fitted....

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  • Gobi Sheepskin Hat
    £68.00 ex. VAT

    Product description

    The Gobi Sheepskin Hat, made from the same Merino Skin as the Holden Aviator flying jacket. This hat echoes the style ofhat worn in some of the most extreme parts of the world. Dark brown leather outer with honey coloured lambswool.

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  • Moffat Sheepskin Flying Helmet (Brown)
    £85.80 ex. VAT

    Product description

    The Moffat flying helmet, designed along the lines of the type of helmet worn during WWII. Made from the same top quality Merino lambskin as our flying jacket. Dark brown soft leather outer with honey wool inside. Adjustable chin strap...

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  • Mustang Helmet
    £69.00 ex. VAT

    Product description

    The Mustang Helmet is made in England out of the best quality merino lambs skin and based on a traditional lumberjack style. This well fitted helmet has good coverage at the back of the neck and ears, making it an exceptionally warm...

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Merino Lambskin Flying Helmet