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  • Dashpot & Damper Oil for SU Carburettors
    £6.65 ex. VAT

    Product description

    For use both in earlier pre-war SU carburettors with 'USE BICYCLE OIL' on dashpot caps and later damped SU's and also Zenith CD carburettors

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  • Forte Air Intake Cleaner
    £12.95 ex. VAT

    Product description

    Forte Air Intake Cleaner removes gums, tars, lacquers and varnishes to ensure the correct operation off all moving components. When used as directed, Forte Air Intake Cleaner will remove dirt and deposit build-up from the air intake...

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  • Holts Carburettor Cleaner
    £5.98 ex. VAT

    Product description

    Suitable for all types of engine, 4 strokes and 2 strokes. Deep cleans the carburettor but also other parts of the intake system including manifold, injectors and valve faces. It contains Toluene and Xylene which dissolve baked on...

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Carburettor Oils & Cleaners