January 2021 Round-Up

Good Morning,

2021 hasn’t been the start of the year that many of us had expected. However, we see our customers creating a more positive start to the year. We are guessing with all of the extra time on your hands, many of you are making the most of it and getting those projects finished. We see the sales of restoration paints (POR-15 see story below), Smiths Gauges, wiper blades, and lighting products flying off the shelves, being dispatched to the UK, Europe, and the rest of the World.

Jeremy & Jason have been busy restoring Jeremy’s corroded motorcycle Fuel tank.

The bike had been sat in a barn for the last 10 years, the variations in temperature along with the lack of use resulted in a build of condensation and rust inside the tank. The POR-15 motorcycle tank repair kit has done a remarkable job of restoring the fuel tank back to its former glory. By using a combination of 3 different products, the tank repair kit cleans, preps, and seals the tank to ensure it is safe for use again. 

If you would like to restore your fuel tank, make sure you check out the video below. We have put together a helpful step by step guide to ensure you get the best results when using the POR-15 kit.

All of the products required to restore your fuel tank can be seen here!

A new line of bucket seats has been added to our website this month.

Unlike our more traditional buckets seats, these are made with quilted leather. The seats are made to order in a leather color of your choice, and will definitely offer something “custom” to the interior of your car.

Last weekend Herefordshire woke up to an unexpected blanketing of snow. However, this did not stop us from getting to work, and we were treated to this beautiful sunset to end the day.

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