April 2020 Round-Up

The last few weeks have seen a lot of NOS (New Old Stock) items get packaged and sent off to new owners all over the world. It seems that our customers are using this time to browse through the many NOS items that we are listing on our eBay shop. Most of these products have been with us for 30 years +. If you have not had a look yet you can CLICK HERE to start browsing. 
 Hillman Super Minx Front Side Light Lens Lucas NOS L688 54572737
Combined Ignition & Lighting Switch – 34259 and a rare Lucas XJ12 Rotor arm. 
Victoria warms her back against the engine after a typically wet cold hill trial- Thank you to Mark Garfitt and co for organizing. 
Fuel Tank Repair c/o Tim Gibbs, a silversmith by trade so the tank repair was a breeze after initial worries of explosion passed away.
Car  Testing – We have been testing a few cars, during the rainy season and just before the Covid-19 shutdown. The drive with Steve Smith in the Geoghegan Frazer Nash was memorable. Driving “slowly” (note speedo), we came to an inevitable halt but it did afford us a fab lunch (thank you both) in Wiltshire’s top pub grub pub…ah pub, those were the days…
We also visited the fabulous Bicester Heritage site. Welcomed by Neil here, the man on the gate at the main entrance, a proper chap and most helpful but he does not warn you that it’s a dangerous place to visit…next thing I knew we were racing around the private test track (with grass run off!) that the lucky companies at Bicester Heritage have at their disposable. Well worth a day out.
Thanks to:
James Mitchell – Pendine
Mark Elder – The Motor Shed
Martin Greaves – Classic Performance Engineering

BMW – Bromyard Motor Works

Morgan service now run alongside TS motors as in Mr Tracy Weaver and Philip Welder-Mason. At the moment the projects are quite varied as you can see from the below…unusual is good!

The Alpha Romeo Cellulare Veloce  belongs to Bromyard’s legendary axe man Garry Roberts of Boomtown Rats. Having  suffered it’s eleventh accident (none of them his fault bye the way) Garry has had his own two post lift/ram installed.

Our 2cv and a mouse arrived, out of long term (6 years) storage today at BMW. The intention is to replace some of the panels, get the seized engine running, and make it electric….to be continued.

interesting clutch fitted by Phil here. With 430bhp on tap, it was decided to fit the American Centerforce Clutch (with centrifugal weights fitted to the diaphragm spring fingers) as used in drag racing to eliminate future failure. 
Centerforce Clutch: Note the finger weights.
Temporary repair much enjoyed by Phil The Weld
Anyone out there knows what model of Borg-Warner gearbox this maybe?

Department x
 Cannot say too much about the special project as yet …suffice to say it is special and really very fast!

Shit in the carb…? A quick enema shorted it!

That’s all for now, we looking forward to seeing what the next three months have to offer…

Best wishes & stay safe

Jeremy & the rest of the team

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