Self-isolation from the Covid-19 outbreak can lead to all sorts of problems, from the degradation of social skills, to stress on relationships and loss of regime.

Follow our handy guide to stay sane during the lockdown.

1. Create art projects.

Got a car that looks gorgeous but has nowhere to go? Install it somewhere novel as a conversation piece for when civilisation resumes.

2. Get on Social Media

Why not some lift spirits and show everyone how well you are surviving online during self-isolation by making jokes from old photos and sharing them with your friends.

3. Entertain the kids

Are the kids climbing the walls? Distracting you from a good beer and a nice book on cars? Why not temporarily gift them some new play equipment?

(We stock a great range of books on cars and motorcycles at

4. Strengthen relationships

Who says never leaving the house can’t be romantic. Make the occasion more exciting by finding new places to entertain.

(fire extinguishers are available from

5. Car projects

Oil-free fingernails, free weekends and intact knuckles are no longer a problem now every day is a staying at home day. Tinker to your heart’s delight.

(safety standard car lifts, not pictured are available from

Whatever you are doing, know that we will be here to service all your vintage and classic car and motorcycle parts and lifestyle needs. We will continue business as usual, under the current advice and we will be keen to assist you in stocking up on all the parts and accessories you need for your comfort, lifestyle and for your motoring projects. 

Happy Motoring.

All the team at Holden Vintage & Classic

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  • When I saw the heading for this, I thought it would be a sensible article, even though the photograph was light hearted !! In my opinion it is in bad taste as a lot of people are suffering from stress and stress related conditions as a result of the Pandemic. Not what I would have expected from a company with your reputation.


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