2CV Rebuild


Now that 2CV ownership is entering its third year, Julian is taking steps to give the little car some well earned TLC. The main aim being to strip it down, removing the body, and repairing in particular the bulkhead where rust is starting to show. At the same time, following advice from Pete Sparrow at Sparrow Automotive in Hereford, the chassis is going to be replaced with a new galvanised item and all the existing mechanicals transferred over. Sparrow Automotive will undertake the body repairs as and where required. So far, the car has been to Sparrow for a look over and a basic outline of the plan, and a chassis has been ordered – this will be ready for collection end of January. The project has a rather special deadline, as the completed car is going to be driven to Anglesey for the 2CV 24 Hour race meeting at the end of August.

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Now we are waiting for the repaired body to come back, so anything outstanding on the rolling chassis…
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