2CV Rebuild 2

Well I was watching TV on a wet Sunday in 2012, and there was a program about Raymond Blanc, in which he was driving around in the lush sunny French countryside in a Citroen 2CV – by contrast our summer had been wet and dull. I came into work on the following Monday and told my colleague Adam here at Holdens about it and said that I’d owned two 2CVs previously. A yellow one, when I was about 23 in which I would travel to Leeds and Manchester from Cheltenham (where I was living) almost weekly with my job. I was working for Kays of Worcester the mail order company, and after being there about 2 months I was transferred to work for Great Universal Stores in Manchester, so the little car soon racked up the miles.
A few years later after the birth of my first daughter I got a blue one (as a second car), to be followed by a blue 600cc Visa.
Well Adam decided to interrogate Ebay and found this red one in north London, it was being sold as:- one family from new, 52000 miles, no mot, and had been off the road for the previous 4 years, but running!
Suffice to say I won the bidding, and drove down to pick it up using our works van and car transport trailer.
It was just as described and didn’t need much to get through the MOT. It has been regularly used ever since, by me and, whenever he’s home, by my son Tristan.
Tris’s girlfriend got him tickets for the 24 hour race in Anglesey for this August as his Christmas present, see http://www.2cvracing.org.uk/ . So I’ve decided that it is time to sort out the poorly welded floor, and whilst we’ve got the body off, sort out a new chassis for the car, and of course some nice new paint!
Around Christmas I took the car over to local 2CV guru Pete Sparrow of Sparrow Automotive in Hereford, see http://www.sparrowautomotive.co.uk/citroen2cv-sparr.html, and he has agreed to undertake the floor welding. The new chassis has been purchased from Ken Hanna of SLC Chassis. The chassis should be with me early February, and this weekend the strip down has begun.
The front wings come off by undoing 4x19mm nuts after first removing the fillet panel above them( 3x8mm bolts) the bonnet just slides off to the right or left after disconnecting the washer pipe from the washer jet, so easy start!
I also managed to remove all the door lock mechanisms, seat belts,rear doors and roof and boot lid assembly (all a bit more fiddly to do).

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