Holden Europe is Open!

Holden Europe is Open!

Holden Europe is now open with a new branch in France. Go to holdeneurope.com or use the currency converter on our website to order and pay in Euros. 

Holden Vintage and Classic customers across mainland Europe will no longer pay import duties and taxes on purchases from Holden as the new location overcomes many of the import/export problems introduced post-Brexit.

“As a customer, it’s important that the price you see is the price you pay. The introduction of import duties and taxes to purchases from mainland Europe after Brexit caused a great deal of uncertainty and disruption. With Holden Europe now open in France, our customers in mainland Europe will once again be able to buy with confidence and enjoy the huge range of classic parts for British marques on offer at Holden.”   Julian Barratt, CEO, SNG Barratt Group

Holden Vintage & Classic was founded in the UK in 1988 as an auto electrical parts specialist, repurposing original tooling equipment to manufacture period automotive parts for classic cars and motorcycles. In October 2021, the business was acquired by SNG Barratt Group, the world’s largest independent manufacturer and supplier of classic and modern Jaguar car parts. Today, Holden offers a huge range of classic car parts to customers all over the world including mainland Europe and the USA.

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