An Interview With… James Ball, Classic Automotive Journalist


This week, we were thrilled to interview James Ball, a freelance classic automotive journalist and Deputy Editor of MOG Magazine. James has also written for Performance Ford and Octane Magazine as well as contributing photographs of classic motoring events far and wide.

What first got you into classic cars?

My dad has always loved cars and my grandad was into motorbikes. For many of my birthdays I often spent them at Donington Circuit. For the most part we went to the classic and historic events, and my interest in all things retro stems from there.

You’re an automotive journalist. Where does your job take you?

I have been working for MOG magazine, the official Morgan mag, for nearly four years and contributed the odd freelance piece to other motoring mags such as Octane. I’ve been lucky enough to drive a show car (80th Anniversary 4/4) straight off the stand at Geneva and back to the Morgan factory in Malvern. I’ve also driven through the pyrenees and had a close shave in a 3 Wheeler – a TT racer ditched a car on the Isle of Man mountain course. Thanks to the mag, I’ve driven thousands of miles in Morgans both old and vintage. My first Morgan drive was in a 1935 model, with its accelerator on the steering wheel!

What’s your favourite Motoring event? Have you attended any recently?

I have to say, your very own Bromyard Speed Festival is one of the best. It has all the cars you see at the likes of Goodwood, but less fussy stuff. The cars take centre stage. I quite like the Chateau Impney hillclimb too. Anything with a whiff of Castrol R in the air and I’m there.

What car or motorcycle do you aspire to own in the future?

I’m a big fan of Royal Enfield motorcycles. They’re affordable modern classics that are true to 50s design. As I have limited space at home, a motorcycle makes sense for me right now, however, I do see myself one day owning a Morgan car and am really thrilled Holden-Morgan are opening a Morgan show room at the Holden premises in Bromyard. Holden have a great reputation as a parts dealer and I’ll certainly be visiting soon.

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