Product Of The Week – 2 Tonne Light Duty Car Jack

A car jack is critical for maintenance and repair and is, therefore, a staple tool for anyone who’s serious about keeping their classic car in tip-top condition or undertaking a restoration project.

When working with a jack, safety is advised. The use of axel stands will prevent avoidable accidents and damage. It is also important to think about the maximum weight load you’re looking to support and match these between the jack and the axel.

Our product of the week is a trolley 2 ton light duty jack.

A trolley jack is a type of floor jack. It consists of a trolley with four wheels that contains a hydraulic cylinder which is responsible for raising and lowering a lever arm. This lever arm has a small platform that interacts with your car or truck.

The advantages of working with a trolley jack over alternative designs are that they are extremely easy to use as they do not need you to put in much physical effort to lift a vehicle.

The rear swivelling castors help to keep the jack positioned underneath the car which conveniently minimises the risk of jack lean and makes for an all-around safer repair session.

The trolley 2 ton light duty jack features a 2 tonnes capacity and a lifting range of 130 to 350mm.

Its overall size is 492 x 218 x 132mm.

So, if you’re interested in purchasing a jack or looking for similar models in our range, head over to our dedicated page now and place your order.

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