2CV Rebuild 5



Last night’s activity was to take the wiring out of the car. It’s relatively easy to remove the wires, however putting them all back again will be quite a different task!!
There are a number of problems which I can foresee, firstly there is a very narrow tube to get the rear wires through, up in the A post area.. Secondly all the wires are the same green colour, unlike the sensible Lucas wire that we sell, and not all have their tell-tail coloured ends on.
This is an area that I intend to improve on… Equally, I don’t like the 2cv light, indicator, and rectangular push switches, they were all clearly made at the minimum of cost. The starter switch is particularly rubbish in my opinion!
I shall use a set of our professional weatherproofed toggle switches, which have a high amperage rating so not too many extra relays.
I’m also having a look at thin wall wire, which I need to get my head round…., anyway this an area where the Holden store will come in very handy.
Has any one tooled up a larger dash panel without holes already in it?

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