This Week In The Workshop


This week, our days in the workshop have been both varied and interesting. The week began with a snagging list on the Dove Grey +4, as our customer had identified a couple of things that required attending to. These being slight misalignment of the rear bumper, the desire for a Moto Lita wood rim steering wheel, a luggage rack, and a slight mark on the hood cover, all of which were swiftly dealt with, as well as fitting clear indicator lenses to the front.

The car was handed over with all of the above attended to, and with every single blemish removed. This was, after all, the first brand new customer car hand over at Holden Morgan!

As well as dealing with the new +4 previously mentioned, the +8 awaiting it’s new exhaust system was tackled, with removal of the old, in advance of fitting the new!! The old having rusted and reached the end of its time, whilst the new waited, bubble-wrapped, and ready to fit. Once the old system was removed, the new fitted incredibly easily, very much a quality product, properly engineered and beautifully made. Keep an eye on the website, as we will shortly be listing more Librands products!!

Having finished the exhaust system and fully appreciated the V8 growl in the confines of the workshop, an oil leak around the sump pan was dealt with as well as a new oil filter and a fill of fresh Castrol Magnatec, plus a look at the rear brakes as they seemed to be binding a little

Fitted into this packed schedule, a slight body repair to a Roadster, as the rear valance beneath the bumper was deemed to be a little misshaped, something that was swiftly, yet carefully dealt with!

To end the week and also add a little intrigue to next week, an addition to the Holden Morgan fleet, in the form of an ‘Interim’ +4, very much a rarity in the Morgan world and something which will be expanded on next week…… Suffice to say it arrived by trailer, hasn’t run for many years and will be a very interesting project, once we have all recovered from the trauma of unloading the car!

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