Prepare your classic car for the winter

Any classic car enthusiast knows that Winter is not the ideal time to take your much-loved vehicle out for a spin. The elements at this time of year can be harsh, and all that extra salt, mud and water on the roads is bound to cause any unprepared driver a host of expensive problems. If you need to drive your vehicle during the cooler season, it is important that you give it all the care and maintenance required to ensure you can do so with minimal issues. If, on the other hand, you want to store your car for the winter, we have a blog post giving you the best information on doing this properly.

Here are our tips for maintaining a running classic vehicle at this time of year:

Keep it clean

Before and during the winter months, it is imperative that you give your classic car a thorough clean, both internally and externally. As the weather begins to chill, your car is more susceptible to the threat of ice build-up, which affects every aspect of your classic vehicle including the engine, braking system and steering wheel. The Winter Care Collection by Autoglym comes in handy for this job, as it features a powerful de-icer, a screen wash, ice scraper and de-misting microfiber cloth for windows. At only £16.73 it’s a bargain, especially when compared to the cost of repairing rust damage caused by melted ice.

Address any rust

As the rain sets in, there’s an increased risk of rust build-up within your classic car. And that’s never, ever welcome! Rust can destroy your car’s body, electrical systems, engine and undercarriage. If left, your classic vehicle will eventually cease to be safe (or possible) to drive. Waxoyl Rustproofing Aerosol is a weather resistant spray that solves the problem of ‘hidden rust’. It draws moisture out of the vehicle and seals the vulnerable areas to prevent against the reintroduction of water.

Fit Winter tyres

Consider fitting winter tyres to take on the wet roads with ease. Winter tyres are made from a softer compound and have a different tread pattern to standard tyres, helping them to move through snow and similar harsh conditions without losing grip. We also recommend you get yourself a tyre trainer to avoid flat spots and extend tyre life.

Give the battery some attention

Inactivity, or less activity than normal, can kill a battery – as can extreme cold! As the Winter begins to set in, find some time to disconnect both the positive and negative battery terminals, clean and grease them, then check the battery and top up levels as necessary. Then connect a battery conditioner, making sure that there is no chance of the wires getting trapped as you close the bonnet.

Prepare for the unexpected

Winter is unpredictable. If you get caught out in the snow, you need to be prepared. We recommend you keep in your boot a triangle warning light, emergency puncture repair and a snow chain.

Book a servicing

The best way to put your mind at ease during this time of year is to have a professional check your classic car over, giving it all the attention it deserves to ensure good performance during Winter. To bring your car into our workshop for a full servicing, or to discuss your particular needs with one of our experts, call us on 01885 488 488 or email

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