Julian Parker Explains Why We Use Magnecor

Magnecor are a leading manufacturer of high-performance ignition lead sets. Made in the UK from high specification conductors, each set is specially designed to fit with ease onto your classic car distributor and caters for both push fit caps and side entry caps.

When using a push fit cap, the Magnecor leads simply push down on top, and you’ll also notice that each lead is conveniently marked so that you can connect it without confusion. For side entry caps, the grub screw inside will fit with the Magnecor cable, and it’s important to select a Magnecor cable that has been specifically designed for this purpose.

Some of the fantastic Magnecor products we have on offer include:

Austin Healey 100/6 2.6 with Side Entry Distributor

This stainless steel conductor provides radio frequency interference suppression and a capacitive reserve to help ignition coil regeneration at high engine revolutions. It is surrounded by an EPDM insulator with fibreglass reinforcement and covered with high-temperature-resistant silicone rubber. This set is for the Austin Healey 100/6 2.6 litre with carburettors and side entry distributor cap.

Triumph TR4 (Screw In Type)

This set is for the Triumph TR4 with screw in type distributor cap. It features radio frequency interface suppression, and is surrounded by an EPDM insulator with fibreglass reinforcement. As you would expect from any high-quality product of this type, it also features high-temperature resistant rubber.
Watch our video to hear more from Julian Parker, Managing Director, about finding the right Magnecor lead set for your classic motor. Then head over to our dedicated Magnecor product page and select the right lead set for you.

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