Austin Seven


Next weekend, we are heading to Exmoor for the first VSCC Trial of the year, so a little car fettling has been the order of the day for the past weekend. Generally, the Austin has been running really well, and I have adopted the ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ policy, albeit with a bit of preventative checking of nuts and bolts etc. However, as it will be getting a full day of hard use, I felt it was time to change the oil in both the gearbox and rear axle. The engine having been done not too long ago (October). The gearbox is relatively easy, as it’s simply a matter of removing the starter motor, taking the gearbox cover off (This provides a bigger target when pouring oil and allows a visual inspection of the level!!) and adding the required oil. The rear axle however, is a different story. Draining couldn’t be simpler – nice big plug on the bottom and oil falls straight into the drip tray. Filling, particularly on an Ulster type bodied car, is a nightmare! The filler is about half way up the banjo casing, handily with a spare wheel well behind it. Jacking up and supporting the chassis on stands helps, allowing the axle to drop as low as possible will reveal the filler. Getting oil in – particularly thick gear oil on a cold winter’s day – not easy at all. Recent purchase from HVC, product 092.713 – – is definately the answer! I have no idea why I’ve struggled with this job for so many years and not bought one of these before. I lost 2 drops of oil and a little out of the filler having put too much in – that was all. 10 minutes had the job done!

This done, the car was given a run around the village to warm it all up and check for leaks. Next a little cleaning as its a bit grubby, and sort out and pack the required tools for the weekend!


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