Austin 7 ‘Ulster’


October 2014

In advance of the VSCC Welsh weekend, the Austin has been treated to a complete re-bushing of everything associated with the rear suspension, ie new main spring bushes, replacement rubber bushes on the rear damper drop links, replacement rear brake cams and bushes, and was all topped off with re-lined brake shoes.

A spare front axle was built up using the existing and only fairly recently re-bushed stub axles and new kingpins, the steering track rod was also treated to new pins and bushes whilst it was in pieces. The result, I have to say, is totally different! The car now drives significantly better and actually makes an attempt at stopping! (I managed to lock the rear wheels when stopping at a junction) All the necessary parts were purchased from the Seven Workshop stand at the Beaulieu Autojumble. ( The car was then treated to a thorough ‘going over’ before the event – everything that required it being oiled or greased, points adjusted, plugs cleaned and batteries charged, before the most important bit – a road test! Road test accomplished and all that really needed attention now was the brakes, in the form of a bit of adjustment. This car has ‘coupled’ brakes – which means that both front and rear brakes work together on the same system, unlike earlier cars where foot pedal operates one axle’s brakes and handbrake lever the other. Coupled brake setup is something that takes both time and patience to get right, plus all the cables, links bearings and bushes being in the best condition, but which can be reasonably effective if persevered with.WP_000386


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