2CV Rebuild 17


June – since my last blog seems a long time ago! Well here’s the excuses:- Firstly

I Had to finish off a hall way and lay the flooring and do the skirtings etc, then there was my fence project…. We live close to the main road through Bromyard and between us and it was a 6 foot open fence (posts with planking on alternate sides) then a 15 foot bank down to the road with mature trees (birch, holly, ash and beach).

Jan 20 2016 114 Jan 20 2016 116 Jan 20 2016 115


The road is noisy so to make a sound barrier I took all the cross timbers off the old fence and reattached all on the one side. This gave a solid fence just short of 6 foot. I then added on the outside a new taller vertical feather boarded fence. If you’ve done this you know it takes some time… New 2 foot deep notched posts 8 foot tall 8″x5″ arris rails kick boards etc, together with extra cross support rails to hold the boards tight….. Now quieter!

Then there was a holiday to Cornwall, 3 classic car show weekends and just minor tinkering. I’ve pre-prepped all the body work cleaned off all the old stuck-on soundproofing and filled a bit to smooth over the new rear inner wheel arch welding in preparation for Russell at Hennessy Motorsport to do the respray. http://www.hennessymotorsport.co.uk/

Going to Russell’s

Jan 20 2016 080 Jan 20 2016 079

Body being prepped

Jan 20 2016 103 Jan 20 2016 092 Jan 20 2016 088

Finished job in the spray booth

Jan 20 2016 104


Adam helping with return transport

Jan 20 2016 106 Jan 20 2016 108


Just put back on the chassis for now outside the garage

Jan 20 2016 113 Jan 20 2016 110

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