2CV Rebuild 13


Well last blog entry was at the end of March, and with having been away for 2 weekends including the Stafford Bike Show, progress has been rather slow. The body has now gone off to Andy Price,

who is looking forward to working on his first 2CV for a long time. I’ve known Andy for a long time as I used to coach his boys Rugby long ago at Bromyard Rugby club. I went to ECAS parts in Stafford to pick up 2 full floor panels, 2 front lower bulkhead panels and 2 rear wing seat belt mounting repair sections. I took the body, shoved into the back of our works Vauxhall Movano van, with the panels so Andy has the bits to start, after he has finished an Alpha Sud which he has in for some minor repairs.

You can see from the pictures that the rolling chassis is coming along, (thanks to Pete Sparrow for the use of the spanners for the spring mounts) I have been busy painting the engine parts, and have fitted new brake discs and pads. Also you can see on the floor plan I have new brake cooling ducts and moulded rocker cover gaskets to fit. The carburettor has been cleaned up and I have a larger main jet to fit (better with modern fuel), I also have to drill and tap it for the vacuum feed for the 123 Evo ignition module which I have previously fitted see http://www.holden.co.uk/displayproduct.asp?pCode=030.812

11may15 005
Rolling Chassis, now virtually complete
11may15 007
Engine cowling and manifolds painted with POR-15 products
11may15 008
Refurbished rear suspension assembly and fuel tank

11may15 010

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