1925 Vauxhall 30-98


October 2014

The last Vauxhall outing of the year resulted in a sick engine, curtailing our day out and limping the car carefully home. A lack of compression was diagnosed in cylinder no 4, which, together with a very oily plug indicated that something was not well. As the weather had turned more autumnal and the local roads now significantly muddier, I felt it was time to tuck it up in the garage and investigate the engine at my leisure. Currently I am in the process of removing the cylinder head to investigate (Not an easy task as it’s a fairly hefty chunk of engine) and will report later on what is found, although initial inspection suggests it’s nothing more serious than the head gasket, as a portion of gasket is visible behind 2 of the pushrods.

Vauxhall engine partly stripped
Vauxhall engine partly stripped in advance of lifting the head off

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