This Week In The Workshop


As ever, a week in the Holden Morgan Workshop is both busy and pleasingly diverse.

We started the week with a brand new +4 to do a pre-delivery Inspection on. See the Car Sales pages of our website to view the Dove Grey +4. This is something we, as a main dealer, do with every new car that we receive from the factory, to ensure that all the nuts and bolts are done up correctly and that everything about the car is as it should be. Here at Holden Morgan we give the same treatment to a used Morgan that passes through our hands as the new cars, on giving it a thorough inspection before it goes on sale.

The components side of the workshop has also been busy completing a batch of 10 RF95 Control boxes for Holden Vintage & Classic and also assembling 60 of the Lucas L548 lamps. This particular lamp is a product that is unique to Holden, in that all of the component parts are manufactured specifically for the company, using, in some cases, the original Lucas factory tooling, combined with a little modern computrickery in the form of a CNC machine to produce the lamp bases.

On top of this, a small cleaning job on Jeremy’s vintage Vauxhall in advance of the VSCC Welsh Trial turned into proper pre-event preparation, and to end the week, the brakes for the Jaguar 240 returned from having been completely rebuilt, and a kind customer dropped off a rather sad looking 1969 4/4 for inspection. More this next week!

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