This Week In The WorkShop


Inspection of the sad looking 1969 4/4 has now been completed. This car has been involved in a fire within its garage which has burnt the driver’s side front quarter, badly enough to take out things such as brake lines, wiring etc, and melt the aluminium front wing. We have prepared a list of parts required for the owner to get it back on the road, which I’m sure will be quite an extensive task!

Following on from our successful Dealer Open Day, the aforementioned Dove Grey +4 has found a new owner, and has been prepared for collection, with number plates fitted, any minor specs of dirt removed and finally a luggage rack fitted.

At the same time, our own Ivory 4/4 hire car has been registered and number plates fitted to that one too.

Meanwhile a 1996 +8 has arrived to have a new Librands stainless steel exhaust system fitted, which is a job for next week.
We also had to take all the website photos of a 1960 TR engined +4, a car wee have on sale on behalf of its owner, and one that is a delight to drive, and with a few minor jobs sorting out will be a lovely car to own.

Small component wise, we have managed to satisfy HVC’s appetite for RF95 control boxes, plus several other small items that we build in order to fulfill customer orders.

Finally, we had a most interesting meeting with Suspension Supplies to look at their Morgan suspension improvement package, which is something that we as a Dealer, can fit to your car in our Workshop. Keep an eye on the website for more details on the SSL products.


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