Powerlite Starter Motors


At Holden Vintage & Classic, we have in stock a huge range of Powerlite starter motors, so no matter which classic car you drive, we’ll be able to quickly supply a Powerlite starter motor to replace your original unit.

Powerlite have been supplying rotating electrics to the automotive industry for ten years and are based in the West Midlands not far at all from the Holden premises.

The motors are lightweight (about half the weight of the original) and also offer increased cranking speeds and power when compared to your original unit. There’s also a lot less strain on your car’s battery. Upon installation, no modifications are required to your vehicle as they work for both positive and negative polarity.

In the video, Julian shows the main differences in appearance and functionality between an original unit and Powerlite starter motor. You can also look at our range of Powerlite products by clicking here.

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