2CV Rebuild 8


“Houston we have lift off!”

Well I thought this was going to be awkward, and I haven’t dropped the fuel tank out yet, as the previous repairs to the floor had been welded onto the chassis. All the fixing bolts have been removed, and not all were in place in the first place, and I used a good set of steel cutters see http://www.holden.co.uk/displayproduct.asp?pCode=092.296 and managed to cut round the welding to free the body from the chassis. There was now nothing to do but lift the body off.

I didn’t think I would get a good response at 10.00 in the evening from Jan who was watching Comic relief celebrity chef challenge, to come out and lift the body completely off. So I have just jacked it up to inspect the separation

2cv lift off 003 2cv lift off 004
2cv lift off 005

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